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📢Today, 11th of April, is World Parkinson’s Day, which coincides with Dr. James Parkinson’s birthday, the English man who wrote the book “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy” and gave name to the Parkinson Disease…
…It is possible to have a good quality of life with PD. Working with your doctor and following recommended therapies are essential in successfully treating symptoms.
From Mariolè Association, we want to give voice to PD Patients, and help them find a sportive treatment.
In order to do so, it has been created an International Partnership between our Association, and Federación Española de Parkinson (Spain), Club Deportivo Fuerte Tribu (Fuerteventura), Associazione Limolo (Sardinia) and Ankara Sailing Club (Turkey), to develop the Project SEA, SAIL AND SURF FOR PARKINSON that has been financed by the European Commission and that belongs to the Erasmus+ Sport Programme.🇪
The Project’s main objectives are: 👉check out here 👉